Preparation For This Moment as a Photographer..

When Clients request special surprising moments such as a proposal. My first thought is, "Jennise, please do not blow the surprise!"

I love being in the moment of any client's planning.

That is why I always do consultations.

Preparing for a proposal, must be accurate! I mean to the T.

Here is how I prepare myself for the moment!

The most important factor for me as a Photographer are: Light, Placement, Timing and Equipment.

When I'm preparing for a surprise moment, these above key factors are very valid. I personally am a less is more photographer. Who truly needs to haul an entire closet for a quick proposal session?

Not me, lol.


Consultation is so important. On a business side, this give me a legit reason to know if the client truly want to work with me and is open to helpful ideas to make any sessions to run smoothly. Being able to meet virtually, physically or by phone helps to understand the clients need. For this moment, I was able to ask... When, where and what time. Asking questions helps to create such a safe space for you when you are getting ready to capture these moments. I was grateful for the Client to inform me that there is a person that is facilitating the entire proposal. I was able to contact the person for a full layout map. This allowed me to know if there are family that will be coming and important additional people too. Capturing the excitement of the people is needed. Knowing who are the important relatives are important too.

Being able to communicate with the client helped me along the way. The client stayed in contact with me. I mean, I am a communicative being so, I needed this. They were able to provide their time, date and location. Which was all perfect. Even with changes, this allowed me to select what equipment is needed the most for the shoot. I carried my basic tools.. One camera and two lenses telephoto and prime with an additional light source, flash. The flash was needed for the night session to highlight the couple and other people that were there.


Knowledge of the location is imperative. A lot of the locations do not allow photographers, photography or certain equipment. When Clients provide the address, use sources like Google Map to get familiar with the area. Become familiar with the area, places of great lighting and also places to get some candid and natural spots in the area, so that you can pull your clients away from the crowd to get at least 5-15 minutes worth of portraits. For me, I love this style. It feels fresh and later down in life, your clients will always feel this surprising moment.


Catching moments of the excitement from either partner.

The Family

Clients never know what they are going to receive until they receive their proofs. Capturing their children and parents before the moment is very meaningful.

There Time


Capturing the intimate time. Beside having pictures taken with their family and friends and of their family and friends.... Intimate captures is key. Allowing them to soak in the moment for 5-15 minutes of just them and away from everyone. Once you are finished, you are able to allow them to get back with the family. I love the creation of being able to apply this method into clients proofs. It is captivating and breath taken!