It's What My Clients Want!

Client's space

It is an honor to be able to be in my client's space....

This client is not my average client! She is an artist at hands making tasteful treats! But behind her magical hands, she is also a woman, a sister, daughter and a mother! This moment of creativity was an amazing experience to share! I love being able to capture what life is in my eyes that either we have never experienced or someday will get to experience.

My Client requested for me to do the most memorable session, which was capturing 4 generations in one moment. OF COURSE! If you know me, I am not a no sayer.. I'ma CREATE THIS BLACK GIRL MAGIC... TODAY!

I meant that!

Her vision was melanin, femininity, love, intimate family moments with motherhood, sharing and just creating memories.


As to every client... I meet every client personally. That's virtually! So here we stand, planning a month after my mother's death. I was honored to share this moment with my client because this is something that I always wanted to share with my mom and children. But being an artist, I am able to share this moment with my client!

She wanted to create beauty with her Grandmother, Mother, Sister, Daughter and self! The vision was melanin, crowns, brown and glowing. We brainstormed together and I allowed her to create her vision while I picked the place.. My favorite place at Fort Washington Park in Fort Washington, MD.

We changed the hours, due to the vision. Since I love reading light, I knew that Sunset was perfect for the moment.

We brainstormed for about 1.5 months on the outfit. Just debating on color and how everything should match.... Every outfit resemble something true to her, which includes the meaning of the colors in each dress..

She provided sampled dresses and ideas that we caught from Pintrest, just to get an ideal of the shoot. Pintrest is amazing for inspiration! I too use it to place my images on there for others to replicate. Everyone had to be aligned with one another, but needed to match in unison at once. Catching them being crowned, laughing, crying and being in the moment as if I was not there.

The Moment

Here we go, the moment to experience....

This was my first time capturing a session with four generations of women. I truly love the conversations that they had, the smiles and laughter. Besides it being a little hot, they were able to still make the moment a vibing moment.

I enjoy being raw and truthful about my work. This allowed me to appreciate life so much as a woman, a mother and sister! It was an honor to share this moment with these beautiful women.

Here is a snippet video of the BTS of 4 generations.