Sports and Fashion

I had plans.....

Plans to move myself out the dark zone and establish color in my photosessions. I wanted to demonstrate femininity, colors and fun. The original plan was August 2020, but I had to reschedule the event. Which was great for me at the time, because I purchased more equipment and gained more knowledge as well. The proposed event was set to submit to Sony, but I never received an offer, which it was to create a project and for them to sponsor me, if I won. However, it was a great experience and pressing forward, I still made it happen. Let's just say that it was a beautiful experience. I wrote an essay for my project called, "Popping Colors " . (click to read)

This project, "Popping Colors" expresses femininity, colors and playfulness in my local area, Anacostia Park in D.C. Allowing women to enjoy fun, working out and still embracing the characteristics of Femininity and Wellness. There are two opposite looks that I needed to display. The first look was basketball laid back style. Basketball gave me the tomboy but sensual and tasteful look. Lastly, the tennis look, High class fun and editorial vibes.


Putting a team together was really easy. I knew people that I could trust and needed to expand their creativity... Along with mine! From the Models to Make-up artist to the Designer. Also, I needed Behind the Scenes captured of me working as well. So big thanks to Dante for being out there capturing BTS for me!! The entire team was on point! I was so nervous for errors. But there were none...

No errors on the wardrobe, looks, make-up, models team or anything.

I presented my ideas first to the MUA and Designer and they were head over hills in supporting me. The MUA, Hattisha created palettes for the designer and self. It helped me so much because I have no clue about Make-up. I just know the taste have to be tasteful and matching the outfits. However, I was impressed on her variety of looks and the presentation was incredible. The designer, Ashlee, was able to listen to my Ideas and placed creativity in the outfits that I was looking for. She killed the looks! She expanded my creativity and tweaked my ideas 100%. I needed two looks for this project. One for a Basketball look and the Other for the Tennis look. The Designer did an incredible job with placing everything together and created a superb look for each model. The models came through on this day! Courtlynn and Sharonda came through and SERVED!!!

The Moment

This project was an incredible project for me as an Artist. For those who have watched me grow in Photography as a teenage until my sweet tender age of being in my 30's(now), have witnessed my creativity blossomed. This was a big move for me and the creativity was beautiful. I am being comfortable and just learning how to create, trust and form my team and just have faith in my work. Sometimes Artists have creativity blocks where we become stuck and have no ideas to make, create content. I finally surpassed that stage. I felt that this project allowed me to open up my passage ways in creating.

I am grateful to share my experience with you all. Enjoy the images below :)



Clothing: Shein, Fashion Nova, Ashlee's closet, Amazon and Pretty Little Things