Breaking Uncomfortablity!!

First Timer (Working with a Male Model)

I love first time Models!

They are very nervous and get excited, but with other emotions as well. The thought of over thinking is real. They truly have no expectations except, How I feel like I look in front of the camera, is not how I look when I get the picture.

Give me a second.. to laugh because this is my favorite part......

The images looks better than how they look in person. I love the way new models express their excitement as to receiving their images. They are thrilled and can't believe how beautiful they look.


Preparing for a session with a new model brings excitement. There is alot that the model will be thinking and emotionally excited but also overwhelmed. One of the key intakes that I love to give Models is a mood board or an inspiration board from Pinterest. I was able to develop a men's style book a few years ago to inspire this new model to the world. Having images to replicate for clothing article allows the model to have a variety of clothing choices and know what to get when shopping for items.

Men Style Book:

A couple of days before the session, I allowed the model to send over the clothes in which they are going to wear, just to ensure that the clothes do not clash with the location. Honestly, that is one of the problems that can occur when shooting models. Outfit clashes can tear down the entire shoot! Trust, this happened to me before!

Lastly, I was able to provide the model a Youtube video that shows an expectation in which helps the Model to know how pose. Especially being a man, you want to keep that masculinity style and not over saturate posing because it can definitely have a male look feminine. If the model is not requiring that style of posing.

As a Photographer, I enjoy being able to show models that they can be great! Get them uncomfortable. Inform them to wear a certain type of outfit for them to be out their norm. When providing agencies images, you need.. SELECTIONS. This mean different fits and poses from headshots to full body.


Follow- up with your model with positivity. They need feed back! Progression and knowledge will carry them along way. With out this.. How are they to learn to be greater, right?