As a Business Owner, your work speaks for yourself. This is a prominent way with bringing in clients. Showcase your craft, delivering your products through images and videos, and establishing a foundation point in focusing on self to increase clients for your business. The investment in your business is important. Sometimes, it can be sleepless nights, long hours of work and pretty much using your own funds to start a business.. Especially, if you're doing everything without a loan.

The subject to building a business is branding. Branding is the creativity of representing your business through visual identity.

How can you create a brand for your business? :

  1. Research about your business and use SWOT.
  2. Come up with a logo/ name.
  3. Have a purpose (mission) behind your business.
  4. Being consistent with your business.

The commitment of being an entrepreneur can help you elevate distinctively by the work that you place in. That means going beyond measures for yourself because this is your BUSINESS!!

This past weekend, I had the joy with helping a client to receive their branding images for their business. As a Photographer, when you are receiving clients who needs business photos and or branding photos.... You will need to ask questions to ensure that you capture those moments that they need. At the end of the day, those photos will be the face of their website or may be the face of a media page whenever they become viral.

How Do I Help Clients Find Their Needs?

Most of the times, honestly, Clients come to me with no expectation. They have no clue on the location, props and what to wear. I love clueless clients, because once I start helping them with a vision.. They start to become more clear and become amped for the session. I provide a Pinterest board for their looks and a list of locations. Though at this moment, I do not have a studio. I have other alternatives to use and book other than outdoors.

Peerspace has been such a blessing to my clients. It provides many looks for them to choose from. I was placed to be able to use such an incredible place from Peerspace. The place was very bright and gave me an opportunity to explore every space in the location. Natural lighting was apart of the look that was needed to be created for their branding.

Lastly, I usually ask for prop choices too. It helps too scream out what you are selling, what services your provide and products. Basically, get to the point without asking for further questions from potential clients..


OMG! I love Pixieset . This place allows me to save time with my clients. I can share and remove unwanted proofs and allow me to see clients favorites when it is time to edit them. I used this platform to help me with this particular client, so that they can see her proofs without losing information, such as not having to print a contact sheet out from Adobe Raw and sending a few emails to send out proofs.

Post Production

Business and Branding truly depends on the creativity of the clients mindset that they have for their business. I love clean cut images. Making images clean sharp and presentable. Great taste. From color correction, separating the colors for adjustments, to layer cuts and image removal. All designate how well the image needs to be processed and delivered.

Branding Photography is honestly, one of my favorite sessions thus far. I can relate as a Small Business Owner, with the importance of branding your business.