Perfecting Your Craft

It is valid for us as Artists to be able to perfect our craft. Bettering our work with free runs and studying. Remember when I did a night session with a couple just last month and I was up for the challenge? Well, here I go again, but better. I learned that light play is so important when shooting at night. The key component for night sessions is knowing how to shoot your subject. Also, play with lighting as well.

The night was dope. So enjoyable. I am so stunned and very thankful that this model, Farrah waited almost an entire year and four months to shoot with me. Yo, that is pure love! I met this beautiful being at the Lion Babe Concert. Those who know me, knows that I am a concert and big music lover. She loved my image so much, that she requested to repost my image on her page. That was no problem for me. I told her, when I finished school, we can do a dope session......

Here comes 2020. Magic begins and I was so delighted.

The Moment

Farrah wore a cute outfit. I literally would wear that outfit out one day. The outfit definitely matched the scene. She as able to be playful and express her beauty, with me creating a safe environment. I was able to play with lighting from buildings and street lights as well. We were also able to create fun lighting looks from buildings to give us a dramatic, sexy or even glowing halo looks. What I learned the most from this session is being able to work with models and allowing them to be comfortable. Play with lighting around you. Also, be open to your model in allowing them to free form their poses and if they see a nice back ground area or lightening go with it. creativity is a must and a great desire to be able to expand your comfort. We used the street carts and I was able to use this building where it was highly secured. It is okay to take chances at times, and it was well worth it, 100%.

Coming out your comfort as a photographer. Create your craft by perfecting it, keep trying and pushing.